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The plumbing emergencies we often deal with are burst pipes!
Often it is the flexi pipes that most modern kitchen sinks have installed.
A burst flexi pipe can leak 1500 litres of water in one hour. This can cause massive flooding and water damage to a home.
Gas emergencies are also common and these can happen with little or no warning. A gas emergency must be dealt with quickly.

But there are other reasons for calling an emergency plumber such as:

Blocked toilets: Are a health hazard and need to be dealt with quickly
Blocked drains: Can also be a health hazard and need to be cleared quickly.
No hot water: This is also a plumbing emergency.
Your hot water system ideally needs to be repaired or replaced the same day so that you have hot water as soon as possible.

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When To Call An Emergency Plumber

A plumbing emergency refers to a situation where there is a plumbing problem that poses a risk to property, such as flooding, sewerage overflowing or leaking, burst pipes, burst flexi hoses, or anything that could lead to health concerns such as no working toilets, no clean drinking water.
No hot water can be considered an emergency for certain individuals.
No gas for cooking is if you are a hospitality business.

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Emergency Plumbing Work

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Plumbing Emergency Steps To Take

If there is a plumbing emergency at your home or workplace,you need to act quickly to prevent extensive flood damage from a burst pipe.

First, locate the water shut-off valve.
It is usually found where your water meter is. Turn off the valve to stop the water flow.

In houses, this is usually located in the front yard.
Villa units will often have a group of water meters at the front of the property and apartments will usually have a utility cabinet on each floor with the water meters in here.
If there is a risk of water reaching electrical appliances or equipment, also turn off your power at the switchboard.

Next, contact an emergency plumber.

Downie Plumbing and Gas is available for immediate assistance in Brisbane. We are equipped to handle urgent residential and commercial repairs.