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Gas Hot Water Services

Because of convenience and dependability, many Australian homeowners invest in a gas hot water service installation.
The most popular type of gas hot water is an instantaneous hot water system.
And it is not surprising how popular they are as gas hot water systems bring several benefits.

They supply a never-ending hot water supply. They only heat amount of water needed for that day. This means a lower energy bill.
They also take up very little room as there is no storage tank required.

We can help you choose the right make and model of hot water system that suits your specific needs. If you’re switching from electricity to gas, we can even provide you with a temporary system during the conversion so that you won’t be without hot water.

Our service is designed to take care of all your hot water needs.

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New Gas Hot Water

When it comes to installing a new hot water system, it’s important to consider factors like quality, reliability, and efficiency, rather than just focusing on the lowest price.
If your family has grown or you have extended your home, you may need a new hot water heater with a larger capacity.

We take great care in ensuring all the hot water systems we install meet all these criteria, so you can enjoy trouble-free hot water for years to come. Downie Plumbing and Gas will always provide unbiased advice and expertise in all aspects of hot water installation for gas and electric systems.

If your gas hot water system is no longer working or is too old, it’s time to consider a replacement before it completely breaks down.
Our hot water specialists can help you choose and install the right replacement system, whether it’s electric, gas, solar, instant, or heat pump.

We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Brisbane and provide prompt and professional service 24/7.

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Gas Hot Water Location Requirements

When we are installing a gas hot water system, we are following requirements specified by the manufacturer to ensure warranty remains in place.
There needs to be sufficient space for the installation and servicing.
It is recommended to leave a minimum of 300mm clearance around all sides of the water heater to ensure proper functioning and safety.

In terms of placement, it is ideal to position the hot water system as close as possible to the hot taps in your home.
This minimises heat loss and ensures quicker access to hot water.
Choosing a location close to the bathroom, laundry, or kitchen is what we typically look for. Larger multi story homes can opt to have multiple systems installed to keep a hot water service close to the kitchen, laundry and all the bathrooms.

Hot water system faults can occur at any time, even during inconvenient hours. That’s why our emergency plumber is available 24/7 to respond to your urgent hot water needs.
We offer same-day hot water repair services and can quickly diagnose and efficiently fix various issues with both storage and instant hot water systems.
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