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As plumbers and gas fitters servicing the Wynnum and Bayside areas of Brisbane, we get to work with incredible customers and solve all sorts of plumbing, gas or drainage issues.
We hold a restricted electric license which allows us to work with gas and electric hot water systems plus on kitchen renovations when gas appliances are involved.

Having proper functioning and safe water supply, hot water and effective waste water systems is essential for all residential, commercial and industrial properties

At Downie Plumbing and Gas, we provide a wide range of plumbing, drainage and gas services to meet your needs. As qualified plumbers and gas fitters, we are equipped to handle everything from minor repairs to complex installations.

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Plumbing Services We Offer

  • General Plumbing: Got a leaking or dripping tap, shower or toilet? We can fix it. We do all regular plumbing work. We can upgrade your old taps and shower heads with new ones so they look great and don’t drip. Tap replacement will usually improve your water pressure. Over time build up in the tap slows down the water flow rate.
  • Hot Water Systems: Whether you need a new hot water system installed or an existing one replaced, we can work will all hot water services – Electric, gas, solar, and heat pumps.
  • Gas Fitting Services: We are qualified gasfitters for all installation work and maintenance of gas-operated appliances and systems. We ensure that all gas fittings meet safety standards and regulations.
  • Emergency Plumbing: We are available 24/7 to handle emergency plumbing situations, including serious leaks, burst pipes, flooding, and blocked drains. We respond promptly to minimise damage and ensure your safety.
  • Drain Blockages: We specialise in clearing blockages in toilets and drains to restore proper water flow and prevent potential issues like backflow or sewage backups.

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Expert Plumbing Installations

  • Bathroom Renovations: Our plumbers can handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of various bathroom fixtures, including baths, showers, basins, and toilets.
  • Kitchen Renovations: We can install all plumbing or gas fittings required in a kitchen such as installing the sink and taps, dishwashers, water filtration and gas fittings for cooking.
  • Roof Plumbing: Our team can install, repair, and maintain roof gutters, downpipes, and other drainage systems to effectively channel water away from your property.
  • Rainwater Tanks: We offer rainwater tank installation and plumbing services, allowing you to collect and utilise rainwater for various purposes such as flushing toilets, watering gardens, and more.

At Downie Plumbing and Gas, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and efficient plumbing services. As experienced plumbers, we are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.
Contact us for all your plumbing needs, and we’ll ensure your plumbing systems are in optimal condition.