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Heat Pumps Are Getting Better And We Install them!

Out of all the hot water services that we install or repair – Heat pumps are the least used BUT popularity is starting to turn around for them.
With the way that electricity and gas prices have risen they are an economical way to heat your water.

A heat pump is basically a reverse cycle air conditioner attached to a water tank. It works in the same way an air conditioner does with refrigerant or coolant absorbing heat from the atmosphere and transferring that to the water inside a tank. They have some big energy saving benefits similar to solar hot water but they also have some draw backs

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Cost Effective Water Heating

Heat pumps and solar hot water are the two types of “Green” energy hot water systems.

Heat pumps are perfect for Queensland weather as we get warm days and our nights do not get too cold.

Heat pumps typically take up more space than other hot water systems as it it is two components required. An air conditioner component and a water tank.

They do have more complex parts when compared to a typical electric hot water system and they do make a noise, so the placement of the heater needs to be considered. You do not want it near bedrooms and we work with you to get the best placement.

The biggest benefit of the newer systems is the power savings they offer and they are very similar to the same savings that solar hot water gives you. The added benefit is that they work day and night and are not dependent upon sunshine. Even if it is an overcast day it can still generate hot water.
A good quality heat pump will cost around the same as a solar hot water system they and last between 10 and 15 years.

There are at times offers from the government for using heat pumps or solar hot water.

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